FIXED VIDEO college pitcher, need some mechanical help!

First off, I usually throw 88-90, in highschool over that on some occasions. But, I think i’m losing alot of velocity due to not using my legs. I switched my leg kick a little and that helped my velocity by like 2 miles and hour. I also think that I am not bending my front leg enough, also my ball release is very early in my arm action and i think holding onto the ball longer would help. Also I am pretty sure I am not using any of my core or legs. Also, not using my legs, could possibly lead to injury. I was also just wondering if i am bending more up and down instead of turning at my hips.

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I need some replies

You don’t seem to get any external rotation in your throwing arm. Have you had a shoulder injury that you’re possibly babying? It seems unlikely that you could throw 88-90 with that arm action. Maybe you’ve lost velocity because something has changed with your arm action?

BTW, this could be the cause of your claim that you’re releasing too early. Basically, the arm isn’t taking the time to rotate back and then forward like most pitchers. It also appears that your shoulders rotate with the hips and this may be contributing to that as well.

i dont think your getting your momentum started early enough. you should start going to home plate as soon as you pick up your stride foot

I think that I should try to release the ball farther out infront of my body? and i would use more of a scap load? and I am usually around 89- to 90 since I fixed my leg lift a little bit. Which I think is a advantage to me because I dont think I use any of my legs.

I have to agree with Roger. I’ve seen a ton of kids throw in my relatively short time with baseball. Generally just by watching someone’s mechanics, you can tell how hard they throw. Like Roger said, your arm doesn’t “lay back” into full external rotation. It only gets around halfway there. Your follow through changes on every single ball you threw in the video.

Is there something restricting your arm? Are you, or have you been, injured? If so, when? To me, it looks like you are throwing 75-78 mph.

You are showing almost no forward momentum towards home either. That would make it pretty difficult to get into a foot strike fast enough to throw upper 80’s. Your hips are also relatively slow coming through since they come at pretty much the same time your shoulders are rotating like Roger said.

Well I mean I wasnt throwing my hardest there. I was just playing catch, but putting a little speed on that so that may have made you to believe that. But i do throw close to 90 or 90. But I think with using my hips and legs more it would help control and velocity. What exactly is external rotation?

Maximal External Rotation -

You’ll notice that the forearm is “laid back.” That’s known as maximal or maximum external rotation. You get a little more than halfway there.

a lefty who throws 90 and why weren’t you drafted?

More to pitching than velocity. :lol: :lol:

You should try getting a video of you throwing on a mound at 100%.

They don’t care about that. A lefty throwing 90!? I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Scouts see a lefty throwing 90 they say to themselves, “Hell, I don’t care how bad his control is. If he’s already throwing 90 at 18-21 years old, we can develop his control and other pitches.”

Good point OleOneBall.

I got soreness in my arm the last two highschool games and couldnt pitch for a private scout. There were about 2 Real scouts at my one highshcool game. and 3 bird dogs. Thanks for the help on the rotation. I was throwing today and really worked on a longer ball release. and a not so stiff front foot. My scholorship was also alot more than I would of got in the draft so it would just be a waste pick to draft me in the later rounds.

reminds me of the kid who claimed he was going to vanderbilt and could touch trip digits

im just looking for some mechanical help. Im not trying make up lies haha. Im a d-1 player, 88-90 isnt a big deal its the offspeed stuff that makes you could and control

where do you play

As shown in the picture posted by NPA Pitcher, external rotation is a rotation of the humerus (i.e. upper arm) within the shoulder socket such that the forearm “lays back”.

To get the best feedback, you really should post video that shows you pitching at 100% effort level.

As for using your lower half, you currently don’t start forward until right after the peak of your knee lift. Work on starting pushing the hips sideways toward home plate right before the peak of your knee lift. With enough work, you might be able to get to where you start forward as soon as your foot lifts off the ground.

ok that does make more sense with the hips and i am going to throw a little pullpen soon which will be about 85-90%. Or i will try to get some game film. Also is there anything to change for the over lateral bending

[quote=“NPA Pitcher”]They don’t care about that. A lefty throwing 90!? I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Scouts see a lefty throwing 90 they say to themselves, “Hell, I don’t care how bad his control is. If he’s already throwing 90 at 18-21 years old, we can develop his control and other pitches.”

Good point OleOneBall.[/quote] Ya, i’m glad someones on the same page as me. Scouts don’t care how well developed of a pitcher you are in high school…You get signed on velocity and size, its pretty simple.

The lateral bending (i.e. forward trunk flexion) is a normal part of the delivery. I would recommend working on the momentum issue and seeing what happens with your trunk flexion. It may take care of itself. An increase in momentum will likely lengthen your stride such that you’ll end up with relatively the right amount of trunk flexion.