Fit to Pitch

Hey Guys,

My pitching coach really wants me to start looking into Tom House and his pitching philosophies and concepts. So, I recently purchased a couple of his books, one of which being Fit to Pitch. The material is dated back well over 10 years (1996), but it seems to still run along the lines of things I have heard today. But, I was just wondering, for anyone who has worked with this material or anything with Tom House, if Fit to Pitch is still current enough to use when creating a workout/nutrition/throwing plan?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

in the 12 years that has been out i dont think there has been any extraordinary breakthroughs in the philosophy of pitching so it will be fine

The material in Fit To Pitch is still good stuff. Plus, a lot of it can be done on the field without much in the way of special equipment. His newer newer books/videos contain much of the same stuff that was in Fit To Pitch, if I recall correctly. You can find all of his books and videos][b]here[/b