Fish Oils

This was brought up in a previous post so i figured i’d start this one to make more people aware about the positives of fish oil.

This is from dan blewett and very knowledgeable pitcher.

Hey, thanks for the shout out! Fish oil really is incredible stuff, and one of the few supplements that produces a noticeable difference in pain levels for a lot of people. Those with chronic, nagging pains (myself included) who take large doses of fish oil swear by it. It’s one of those supplements that just seems to get more and more attractive as research comes out. Even if it doesn’t cure your joint pain, your heart, brain, skin, cholesterol levels, triglyeride levels, insulin sensitivity, you name it, is going to improve. It’s always in my travel bag on roadtrips.

I take fish oil as well for the last year or so and can’t say I’ve noticed Huge changes but I feel like it’s helping my overall health and keeps my skin nice:P One con to these things and maybe it’s just me but a few minutes-to a few hours afterwards if you burp you taste fish oil…not so pleasant if you ask me.

Ya ive been using fish oil a little and the fish burps really turn me off i know theres some products that dont do it but the one i have does. It really is a great product for overall health i realate it to advil but 100x better for you i mean it cures a lot.

But quick question does it have to be taken daily to see results or after a game can i take 20-30 grams and will that help?

I beleive there is a brand that mixes in some lemon juice to combat the “fish burps”.