First Year

Hey im a 14 yr old freshman and this is my first year playing baseball. I’m pretty athletic and I’ve been watching a lot of video and reading forums like this for tips. Im a lefty and i’m throwing 75-80 4seam, 74ish 2seam, and am working on a curveball. Im playing jv right now and have done pretty well. 2 earned runs in 10 innings with 12 strikeouts. Is their any advice or things I should really work on?


Your stats look good. Post a video for us to look at.

Ok I’ll work on getting some video. I heard that I “crossfire” like I step towards the dugout on the left when i throw with my left hand. Is that a big deal?

Hey I know the video quality is awful but a cell phone cam was the best I could do. You can see my mechanics tho. Heres the link