First Start Tommorow Night

Well, I have my first start tommorow night in house league baseball, our teams ‘home opener’. I was asked by my coach to start, and I was just wondering if you guys had any hepful tips to keep my composure good, eat well before the game, warm ups to do, etc.

there really isnt any way to calm down and relax

just go out there and after u toss your few warm up pitches you’ll have something to occupy ur mind with and it wont be as bad

Ya, watch The Benchwarmers or the Sandlot. Why? Because, if you think about it this a kids game that you, I, OffSet, and anyone else is playing. Baseball is a fun way to pass the time as well as stay in shape :roll: . Seriously, prior to the game watch a baseball movie that’s not about whipping up, or at least think of them before the game starts. Remember it is only just a game.

Smile…crack jokes! Relax with your teammates. If you lose, that’s fine. Maddux lost a ton of times. Cy Young lost a ton of times. Don’t worry, there will be another day. Have fun out there kid!

I did acceptable pitching… but not what I was looking for. I lost almost all of my control in the third inning I pitched.

Pitching Stats:
IP: 3 ER: 4 K: 7 BB: 7 H: 2 W

Hitting Stats

AB: 3 2B: 2 BB: 1 RBI: 5