First Start of the Year

I pitched I went 4 innings and gave up 2 earned, 9 total, struck out 4. Talking to the umpire between games he said my knuck was moving up and down not left and right.

7 Unearned runs? Honestly if I were you I wouldn’t even want to pitch with a defense like that. Are you playing summer ball? hopefully you can get a defense that can make you some plays.

dude when i use to play on a team that wasn’t so good. I would have to strike most them out. But if kids are hitting your ball and your defense is making errors sometimes its not their fault. Meaning if you are pitching and lobbing muffins down the plate(i don’t know if you are or not). But then the offense is going to hit the ball harder and the harder its hit the harder the play is to make. When i pitch i strike most guys out. But if i guy does hit it to our defense then its just a soft ball and they throw it to first for the out. I dont’ know how your defense is. But ya you might have to strike most hitters out dude.

Ah thats the thing RHP…look at his locale…it’s the only game in town…
Pustulio old boy…START!!! I like it…good for you man. I’m proud you stayed for the chance and now all we got is to improve on it… :wink: :bigtup:

Well I pitch to contact but I don’t toss complete lollipops, most of the balls hit were pretty soft. It’s tough keeping pitching stats for our team sometimes.

Striking people out isn’t my game and I don’t have a flamethrowing arm so I take the Ks I can get and then let the guys hit the ball on the ground. Most of those runs came in that last inning I pitched it was 2-1 for the longest time and our team left the bases loaded with no out twice.

It’s hard playing on a bad team sometimes but I try to just keep working at it, believe it or not we’ve improved since our first game, it’s gone from allowing 19 runs and scoring 1 to allowing 7-10 and scoring 4-5.

I’ll tell you what about this team I play on though, these guys are great in practice and I know they can make the plays, it’s that they come into the field unfocused and lazy, and then our shortstop whines because every one of his 7 bad throws isn’t scooped cleanly or caught on the bag by the 1st baseman (usually me, I stop it or catch it but it’s not always an out). They underachieve a lot, they don’t think the game, it’s tough to watch and get the same speech about the mental part of the game every game.

I try to lead I really do but some of these guys are too cocky for their own good and won’t listen to anyone. It’s all about thinking the game.

By the way I have thought about playing somewhere else but to be eligible for legion I can’t really go anywhere else. Hitting went well Sunday I got 3 singles an rbi and two runs scored, still aching for my first extra base hit, I’m hitting .353 but unfortunately that’s my slugging percentage too.