First showcase

I’m going to my first ever showcase on Saturday and now that the day is almost here I’m really nervous. What are some things I should expect from the showcase? Should I talk to the coaches that coach colleges I am interested in? Or should I see if they are interested in me enough to talk to me? I’ve never been to one so I have no idea what is going to happen when I get there and I have no idea what it is like… Probably pointless questions but I’m kinda nervous.


Enjoy yourself…and relax. Of course you’re nervous right now, but that will pass when you get to the field and you realize that you fit in just fine.

Should you talk to coaches from schools you’re interested in? Yes, you should. In fact, you should talk to every coach you get the chance to meet…you can learn a lot, but sometimes you gotta be proactive. Most coaches like players with an outgoing, friendly, straight-forward personality.

When you do meet coaches, look them in the eye and shake their hand. Tell them “pleased to meet you, and thanks for taking a look at me”. Ask them about their programs, what they emphasize, what they’re looking for. Ask for their feedback later if you know they watched you pitch. If they ask you about your college goals, make sure you have thought about your goals for college. Be honest and forthcoming.

Do not be ashamed to admit it’s your 1st showcase and you’re a little nervous. Every one of the coaches you meet will have been in the same spot at some point in their lives, and they will enjoy meeting a candid and respectful prospect who shows an interest in hearing something about their programs.

As to performance…relax. If the stuff hits the fan and you get lit up, don’t show any emotion other than confidence that things will get better on the very next pitch. Never, ever show up other guys if they make errors behind you. They’re your teammates for the day, so treat them like teammates. Afterwards, ask some of the coaches what you could have done better in the situations you faced.

If you breeze through a couple of no-hit innings, just show your usual business-like confidence.

Words to live by, great advice laflippin!