First Practice!

For us Wisconsinites who aren’t as fortunate and don’t get consistent 70 degrees days until about June, TODAY’S THE FIRST PRACTICE! My coach let me know I’m throwing my bullpen sessions today and Thursday and I can’t wait! It’s been too long of a wait, WAY too long.

Good Luck kid, make it count!

if you havent been throwing since last year take it really easy with the bullpens and do some serious stretching!!


Don’t worry, I’ve been throwing and getting ready for this day all fall/winter long. My arm will be alright :wink: Thanks for the concern though!

ahaha alright then best of luck mann!!

Monday was our first practice here in Boston, too. … And it snowed. Crazy. But I’ve got 4 pitchers throwing live BP today and 4 more going in our scrimmage Thursday. Let’s hope the temps crack 40!

For all you northerners -

First district game today (high low 80s).

I pitch tomorrow - the second district game (of course rain is in the forecast - high in the 60s). We play three game district series (tuesday, wednesday, thursday). This format rewards the team with the stongest/deepest pitching.

So, it snowed/rained/sleeted (we’re still not sure what to call it) all day yesterday… It’ll probably be coming to the Northeast sometime soon if it hasn’t already steven

It was 75 here yesterday and 55 today, supposed to be 40 by the weekend and it’s my first tournament…aarrgghh

Quite bragging bu :frowning: The city where our first game is got 17.5 inches of snow and it’s still comin down. I’m usually an optimist, but this game’s not happening.

I played while it was snowing last year…sucked!

Oh man that really had to suck! I feel bad for the guy that catches one off the end of the bat.

I am worried about this weekend, 40’s are you kidding, even if you hit the ball square the bat ring will be brutal.

Its supposed to be 75 here saturday :slight_smile:

Well…just got an update about this weekend…no tournament. Well one more week to prepare!

Just noticed where you’re from… 40 degrees in Kansas? Sounds rough