First outing of the season

Didn’t come the way I hoped it would, I came in for mop up duty. Our team beat ourselves up by errors in the field (a great abundance of them) and missing signs on the base paths and everything else you can think of.

When I came in we were already down 16-1. I pitched 2 innings, gave up 3 (1 earned). Again though even the earned run I would have been out of on an easy 5-3 double play but the kid playing first ducked the throw for some reason (worst thing I’ve ever seen) the second inning was scoreless and I picked up a K.

I’m starting to use the knuckler less and less, I think it’s just becoming a repertoire pitch. I picked up the K with the knuckler but I’m finding that patient hitters can sometimes get a hold of it if I throw it consistently. My duece got me most of my outs last night.

We only played 4 1/2 innings and lost 19-1. I had an unlucky night at the plate, I K’ed once (unfortunately) and then my next two were scorched up the middle but the pitcher’s glove happened to be there.

Pustulio, I’ve seen plenty of games like the one you describe. Lousy defense. Pitchers taking their turn in the barrel. Hitters with holes in the bats. You see them all over, at all levels, and believe me, it’s no fun. But you survived this one.
Maybe the team was just shaking off all the rust it had accumulated, but they really need to buckle down and work on their fielding. As for you, it may be that the opposing batters are starting to get too good a read on your knuckleball, so maybe you shouldn’t use it so much. Even Tim Wakefield has a couple of other pitches he uses from time to time, and you could do likewise. I had one pitch I used to use a good deal—basically it was a slider thrown with a knuckleball grip, and I often used the crossfire move with it, and what it did to the opposing hitters! You might experiment with something like this and, in the process, add a new pitch to your arsenal. So—hang in there. 8)

Yeah well like I said I was getting most of my outs with my knucklecurve. I’ll have to give this pitch you speak of a try. The one K I had was on my fall ball catcher too so I thought that was pretty funny, that could be it though they have someone who has caught me before and so he taught them what he knows about me.

Oh and I did use the crossfire on an 0-2 count but unfortunately the umpire thought it was high even though I thought it was strike three, I eventually got that batter to groundout.

Well and 1 earned through two isn’t awful I’d like to do better but oh well. I should be starting on Sunday in one of our games at home. I’ll let you know how it goes. If not I’ll probably relieve. My coach told me I have to be the rubber man this year and he’s gonna have me pitch a lot.

When you mentioned something about a former catcher on your team who must have told the opposing batters about your stuff it reminded me of a historical incident of almost 100 years ago. There was a pitcher in the American League—his name was Russ Ford, and he had been with the New York American League club at the time. He threw a pitch called an “emery ball”, which was legal at the time, and it was called that because he used a piece of emery paper to scuff up the ball. He had great success with it; in fact, he was virtually unhittable—and then suddenly the batters started beating up on him. It turned out that his catcher had been traded to another club, and yep, you guessed it, that catcher spilled the beans and told his new teammates about that pitch! And not too long after that the pitch was declared illegal, like so many others to which a foreign substances had been applied. :slight_smile: