First med ball

hey guys sorry to annoy you with this question again but i never got any responses…im going to buy a med ball tomorrow and its the first time im using any medicine ball training (im using the ones outlined in tuff cuff) and i have no clue what size to start off with…any ideas??


how old r u?

i just turned 17 i’m about 5’10", 5’11" and i weigh about 160…im not strong but im not weak if that makes any sense, i’ve been lifting weights since like 8th grade but that doesnt say much since i really just learned about baseball weight lifting a couple months ago when i joined this forum…eh then i still basically know nothing :roll: haha but anyway hopefully that helps

5% of your bodyweight is a good place to start (I think that is what JC Santana recommends in his programs). So, somewhere around 7-8 pounds should be good.

I agree. Err on the lighter side. Go with 6 or 7 pounds.

alright thanks guys for the help ill update tomorrow on what brand i get

If anyone is interested, you can actually make a medicine ball if you have an old basketball and some sand.

thanks again for your help guys. I got an 8 pound, nike medicine ball. with tax it was about 37 dollars but with my beautiful american express gift certificate from my birthday a year ago i only had to pay 12 bucks! :smiley: :smiley: :lol: did the rotational throw and chest pass as outlined in tuff cuff and it was good along with the other workout for the day. once again thanks for your help