First letter

So today i woke up to my first letter from a college, and it was pretty exciting. It was from Shelton State community college. I’ve been told i should call, but i was wondering what ya’ll would recommend i should say.

You should post this question in College Pitching Instruction.


Call the coach to set up an appointment to talk about the academics, athletics and what baseball players do after college (if they don’t go pro).

Do baseball players graduate in 4 years? Or do they light load in the spring and, therefore, take 4.5 or 5 years to graduate.

Others will be able to offer more suggestions on the types of questions you should be asking.

If you feel that the academics and athletics are a good match, keep it on the list. If not, pitch it. :slight_smile:

Shelton is a heck of a juco. I’ve played with/against a lot of guys who have played there. They have a great track record of placing guys into DI schools, particularly SEC schools (understandably so since it is right down the road from Alabama). If you’re looking to go the juco route, this is definitely a school you want to keep on the radar.

congratilations. ask about their schools academics. about everything.