First glove, tricky situation

Hi there!
I’m a new pitcher, never really played sports before baseball, and I’d like to get my first glove, something good enough to last me at least a couple of years.
But I live in England, and I’ve only found one website that sells gloves ( My choices are limited, and I’d like some advice.

I can’t try before I buy (but I could return for a refund, which is why I’m not ordering from the states) but my 11 glove is a little too small (I’m 15 btw). I borrowed a wilson open-webbed glove from my dad and it’d been great for getting me involved in the game, but I’d like my own for pitching. I’m thinking about an 11.5 as i’d imagine 11.75 would be too big and that’s pretty much narrowed it down to the Rawlings modified traps (both the revo 350 and gold glove).

Basically, which would you get given the circumstances? Something different? Where from?


Welcome to the wonderful world of baseball my friend! My personal preference would be the gold glove model, as it has nice leather and as long as you take good care of it; (Break it in properly, keep a ball in the pocket, oil it twice a year) and it should last a long time.

Rawlings Gold Glove Legend.
Inexpensive but not cheap. This is a well made glove with pretty nice leather for the price.

My wise and wonderful pitching coach once told me that regardless of which glove you decide on, your best bet is one with a closed web—this is to prevent the opposition from reading your pitches. I was a finesse pitcher, not much on speed but with a good arsenal of breaking and offspeed stuff, and several of those pitches had distinctive grips, so it was essential for me to conceal them from all but my catcher. 8)

Ok, Gold Glove it is then!

What about size? 11" is a tiny bit small, so I’m guessing 11.5" would be good? But I want it to last a few years though and my hands aren’t fully grown so maybe 11.75" would be a better choice? Any advice?

I guess it’s narrowed down to these then:

11.5" tan mod-trap][img][/img

11.5" black mod-trap][img][/img

12" black basket][img][/img

11.75" tan 2-piece (I think I like this one the most)][img][/img

What d’ya think? 11.5"? 11.75"? 12"? Black or tanned? For what it’s worth, I don’t like basket webs very much, and I like the tan look the best.

Thanks for any advice,

I realize this may not be possible in your situation but it’s best to try on a glove before buying it. Fit and comfort are important. In your case, if you can’t try it before you buy it, at least make sure the place you buy from accepts returns in case you absolutely hate the glove once you receive it and try it.

I have the black modified trap (got it for $99 USD) and its my favorite glove so far (prefer it over my pro preferred Rawlings)

I can’t try it on first (one of the joys of living in england) buy I can return it. Is there a huge size difference between 11.5 and 11.75?

Is the leather different for the different colours?

Only size difference between 11.5/11.75 is about .25 inches… It’s all the same leather for those glove. I bet you they will fit you fine (unless your gigantic…)