First Game in 2 Weeks, Journal

I’ve been moving forward very well lately, I feel I am on pace to dominate my first regular season appearance. Coach has already told me I am starting the first game of a double header. Assuming my catcher does not fail his coursework and lose his spot on the team, I believe we are in a good position. He is an excellent catcher compared to what I’ve been given in the past, he sets up for me, gives me a target with his glove, and so on. Strong arm, Very good.

As for me, my velocity seems to be getting up there, I’ve finally found a mechanical groove that works well. I don’t try to throw hard very often. Most importantly, my command is becoming much better. Sometimes it takes me 10 warmup pitches from the mound to finally dial it in completely. The best part about it for me is that all four of my pitches(FB, Curve, Change, and Slider) are working well not only in their movement but I can throw each of them for a strike. I’m considering adding a two-seam/sinker because my coach really likes the movement. What I do now is when my 4-seam sails a bit I’ll throw the 2 sort of as a reminder to finish it all the way with my fingers, it usually works to bring it down a bit.

I’ll try to get video for you guys next time I pitch live to my teamates, I should do so at least one more time before our first game. Last time I pitched 2 innings, 5 Ks, 1 BB, 1 hit(softly hit pop up just beyond the infield, I still think it counts as a hit). The bad news is I’m very worried about errors from my fielders(and myself) we are not very good at turning routine ground balls into outs. We had a guy in a rundown and he ended up scoring, which seems to happen a lot for us. Always hear a grown when we’ve got a guy in a rundown.

I’ll let you know the results of our first game.


Just go out and do your best and what happens behind you will take care of itself. All you can do is throw strikes and keep the hitters off balance. Looking forward to your updates.

Good luck,

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Thanks. Today is gameday. I’m going to get some video in game and I’ll let you guys see it.

“I pitched very well, in my opinion for an opening day yesterday. I threw 2 and 2/3 innings as I was on a 60 pitch count. I will be throwing upwards of 100 pitches this Friday.

The umpire had a truly rediculous strikezone and robbed me of countless calls. He forced me to throw my fastball almost directly down the middle to get a called strike. Fortunately the opposing batters were happy to swing, at least at first, It helped that I established that I could throw a strike down the middle when I needed to early on.

My first out was a comebacker to the mound. The second batter walked. The third I struck out. Then I hit the foruth batter. Then I served one up for a double which resulted in two ER. The 6th batter I struck out on a slider(the only off speed I threw the entire game.)

The second inning went well, started with a K, besides some errors on my defense, which resulted in 2 unearned runs. As was expected, the other team resorted to bunting when they could not make solid contact on me. Unfortuantly for me that tactic worked and I hit a total of 3 batters that squared up before my outing was over. I hit a fourth but his bat got in the way and it was called a foul ball. I struggle pitching to leftys sometimes too which is odd because I feel I should have an advantage over them. Again, the umpire never helped me out.

I did get a win, we run ruled them in the 5th inning 15-5. Four of their runs came while I was pitching. There are some things I need to work on but I feel this was a positive outing over all. I was in and around the strike zone the entire game and felt that I had full control of the ball. I did walk several abtters and hit several, which tells me I need to work on throwing strikes when a batter shows bunt and I need to be able to throw to lefty’s. I almost always walk them on 4 pitches or 5 which is unacceptable.”

I wrote the above statement the day after my game with the intention of posting it here, however it seems I forgot to click the post button so now here you go.

Now of course it looks like my season is done for, which is very irritating because I don’t want to be done pitching.

I did make some more video, not from the game unfortunately, but some from a bullpen I threw yesterday to a pitcher’s pocket.

I posted this on Twitter with an @ of flatgroundapp and I got some good responses as well as mechanical help. However, I do believe there is a possibility of myself pitching in college, which could be DIII or JuCo or DII. I have talked to multiple coaches who have said there is a spot for me, so this leads me to believe I could walk on at a school where I have an academic scholarship.

Willy, unfortunate for all with what this virus has done worldwide. One suggestion i have given many, many times to baseball players is #1 You have to love the school you want to attend. What happens if things don’t work out at that school? Now what? Do you stay there? Transfer and hope your credits follow you? Things to think about. #2 Ask yourself if you are going to pitch your first year in. If not, are you willing to sit and get a few innings to pitch. Look at the schools roster. How many freshman do they have ahead of you. #3 Ask the coach were he has seen you. #4 Ask the coach what he thinks about you. #5 Attend one of there camps to get a feel for the coach. #6 if money and playing time are issues, consider JUCO. You can play there, fine tune your skills, and then get recruited to finish out your 4 years.

A lot has to go into consideration before making a major decision like this. Good Luck

Thank you very much.