First game 10u travel pitching advise please

My son will be pitching his first travel baseball game tomorrow. I need to know how I should warm him up before the game? How long before? Long toss or weighted ball? The game is at 2 PM, so we have all morning to stretch and loosen up. We have been working out for 6 months preparing for the start of this season. We use the pitchers power drive, do weighted ball drills, towel drills, resistance bands, daily stretching, besides throwing and pitching. Tonight he is at a birthday party so he gets today off. I want him ready and loose, but not tired out. Advise please?

Careful…don’t bring down the world on his shoulders…laugh a bit…portray a relaxed demeanor…get him moving around and awake…don’t over do it…you seem very eager…this can and does translate to stress on a kid…try to follow as natural a routine with as little “man you gotta be this” or “that”…let him go play…just tell him to do his best and that you love him.
The whole feel of your post makes me worried…it’s the 1st one…you don’t get a second 1st :wink:, work on making it as pleasant as possible.

Advice: chill out!

Gadgets and drills aren’t the answer at 10 years old. He’s a kid. Let him be a kid. Honest opinion, you’re way overdoing it. The kid’s going to pitch a 10u game, not the World Series. Although I would like to commend you on giving the tyke the day off and allowing him to go to a birthday party.

Ever hear of the term, Burn out. IMHO you’re going to burn the kid out just on prep alone. Really, ki at those young ages need to throw, not worry about weighted balls, pitchers power drive, bands, and all the rest.

On game day, let him stretch, throw with his friends to loosen up, then head to the bullpen and finish getting loose. Keep it simple and remember HE’S 10.

Thanks guys, I needed to hear that. We did some stretching this morning and yard work. I’ll keep it low keyed and relaxed. My overreaction and overwork is a problem I have. I learned it from the Co. I work for-upsdad-.

Happens to a lot of us. Good luck to your boy on his start.

hope he did well, regardless remember he’s 10 and don’t get yourself sucked into the trap of helicopter parenting at the game and let him be a 10yo

frankly I am amazed they have travel ball at this age but as long as parents write the checks it will exist and it appears to be growing

FWIW-take it down a notch and lay off the training crap, your gonna burn him out and you may damage the relationship you have with him. Don’t allow an ignorant coach doesn’t wreck his arm by throwing him too much. Get yourself educated on what type of damage can be don’t to a kids arm by over use even at his age.

I don’t frequent around here that much but as a coach of HS kids he needs to be the driver with respect to him playing baseball, not you.


…otherwise, it starts to become a chore.

How did it go?

Thanks for sharing the workout you do with your 10U. I don’t feel so bad asking about my 10u who is fooling around with curves a bit right now. :smiley:

Why would you feel better about a 10 year old fooling around with curve balls?
Don’t you think he would be better served developing his fastball and change?
If you really want him to learn a curveball, kinda young for curveballs, he should be taught to throw a proper one, not allowed to “fool around” with it.

He walked the first 2 batters and then settled down and started throwing strikes. 3 strikeouts over 2 innings of work. We lost 5 - 2. In the second with 2 on, our shortstop was trying to hold the runner on at second, and sure enough the batter hit a groundball right were the ss should have been. The outfielders were daydreaming and so a simple groundball ended up being a homerun, the difference in the game. All of the hits off him were with 2 strike counts on the batter. All he throws is fastballs and his control is outstanding. When we pitch at home or at practice he has real good velocity with movement. But I don’t see the same velocity during games/scrimages.

[quote=“Turn 22”]Ephinz,
Why would you feel better about a 10 year old fooling around with curve balls?[/quote]

A couple points. The first is he is not yet a 10U pitcher so he has no competitive mileage on his arm yet. More importantly, he throws with his friends and brothers and does so without competitive pressures from his Dad and/or coaches.

I do wonder whether we have become too rigid in disallowing any fooling around with pitches to the point of heresy to even ask the question.

If the body adapts, then wouldn’t it do so to fooling around with different pitches?


sounds like your son has been working hard and already has a significant time investment in pitching. I would recommend praising him for his work ethic and trying to convey to him that pitching is a work in progress for everyone and that his outings at this point are in no way reflective of his value as a player. I would let him know that your pride in him is unrelated to his performance but that his effort and attitude are more important. I also would let my son know that milk shakes would be consumed after the game, no matter what else happened.

I really like some slightly longer than pitching distance crow hop throws and step behinds for warming up after he is loose.

He will need a straight change to be in control of the game. Eventually he will need to throw it with the same arm speed as his fastball, but right now he just needs to throw it with the same motion and arm slot.

Every success to you and your son,