First E-mail

So I just got an email from a D1 school inviting me to come to their showcase, and meet their staff and tour the campus. I know this is small but Im kinda of stoked by it! My question is how should I respond to this, or if I should respond to this? The email was from the assistant coach and said if i had any questions about college baseball feel free to ask. Also I wont be around to go to their showcase. So how should i respond to this?


hey man, congrats on the first one, im sure its only one of many to come! but for this i would give the coach a call confirming with them that you recieved the email, then send a email in response to the sent email. just a little tip to on recriuting if a school you are interested in is not contacting you…contact them, ya i had about 4 or 5 schools contact me but the rest of them(including the school i signed with) i personally contacted first, a good way to do this is send a email with a discription about you, all that good stuff, if you dont get a response in say a week, give the coach/recriutting cordinator a call confirming they got the message, they get so many emails that they may have looked over it, that call will make them want to look at it. wish ya the best of luck! if you have any other recriuting questions just send me a message on here GOOD LUCK


Send a reply thanking the coach for the invite. Explain that you will not be available. But if you are interested in the school, then make sure to ask about other camps or other opportunities tour the campus, meet the coaches, etc.