First day trying to pitch, help me with mechanics(vid)

First off, this is vid was of my first day trying to pitch. I was inspired by watching a video of Matsuzaka pitching. I have since pitched from a mound and did OK.

I stumbled across this forum and I was really impressed, I cant believe that they have a site like this.

Theres the vid, I know my mechanics are horrible! My leg lift is all wrong but I would like any type of help possible. Dont use big terms that I wont understand. Thanks.

Also, after this my leg was hurting, absolutely no arm pain but my upper thigh hurt from that horrible leg swing I was doing.

Oh, and Ignore my little brother that is taking the Vid, lol.
He was imitating this Japanese Umpire we saw.


might be a bit prematured but i think you should try to look at this video. this is sandy koufax and he looks a lot like you. try to work with this video and you might correct some of your flaws. it’s hard to help you directly with this video you gave us.

koufax is one of the greatest of all time and he has pretty good mechanics.

maybe try different angles and nwe could help you more.

Thanks man, I was wondering. So my video is no good. What angles are better? Ill take some new vids.

Thanks a lot.

it’s not that the angle is bad it’s just that it’s better to see at least backside, frontside, frontal.

when u stride out with your leg try leading with your hip towards home plate it looks like u open up ur shoulders right away and ur throwing with all up body

i see that your like pushing the ball and when your hips start to rotate your arm is ready to throw… you have to lag (slow your arm behind) and when you land and hips start rotating then your arm comes over, have a good follow through

Yeah, Thanks. I completely changed my arm action now. I have much longer arm motion now. My stride also is different now to.

I will make a new video soon.