First College Ball Action

Just thought I’d give you fellas here on LTP an update. :slight_smile:

Well the club team here at UWyo doesn’t have enough money to do fall ball this year but we decided to have a scrimmage today.

It wasn’t a real 9 on 9 scrimmage since we only had 12 people show but I got a chance to pitch for a little while.

We basically had a group of 3 hit while the other 9 were in the field. I got to pitch 1 inning. Since we wanted people to get their chances to hit we didn’t count pick offs as outs.

I only had one ball hit hard off of me. Struck out one, picked off 2 runners (got a double play off of the first one), forced a pop-up and got a groundout. So 6 outs total even though we let the runners go back to their bases afterwards.

Got at least one swing and miss on every one of my pitches. I felt like I did good and the player-coaches (since it’s club ball) are pretty impressed with the knuck.

grats man. used to follow you alot when I was on. good to see you’re still knucklin it with the best of em.