First Call

Okay well Im about to call a college baseball coach for the first time and im not exactly sure about what i should say to him or what questions to ask. Any advice?

I can understand it’s nerve racking calling a college coach for the first time. I’m sitting in my coachs office now because of mid-terms, but don’t be affraid to ask questions and find out things you want to know. In the same reguard dont ask to many questions or try and sell yourself or your son. more than likly he’s a nice guy. Until you start playing for him

Haha aint that the truth.

Haha aint that the truth.[/quote]


Id have to agree, there are a lot of good college coaches are there, but there are even more college coaches out there that appear to be nice but are terrible when you really play for them. I would go to to check out coaches or colleges you plan on attending, even thought they dont have too much information yet. If you dont find any info on them, talk to current players on the team and see what they really think about the coach. Are these colleges anywhere in the NJ area by any chance? If so PM me and I can give you the down low on almost all of them.

Remember, it will be alot easier if you are relaxed.
Take deep breaths, don’t tense up.

Haha aint that the truth.[/quote]


Coaches usually like the guys that produce! haha, jk, I kid, I kid.