First Base Coach

First Base Coach

For the first two innings as I looked out our dugout it seemed that our first baseman was having a party with every batter runner that go to first. A condition that didn’t escape our pitcher. In fact, on a couple of pickoff
attempts– the pickoff was clean and right on the money when our first baseman dropped the ball … and started giggling.

Finally my pitcher had had-it! He called time and jogged over to first and did a “what’s up” … only to stand there and start giggling himself.

After the inning was over, I waltzed over to my guy and asked him what gives with first? The pitchers looked me straight in the eye and said, “ coach, your not going to believe this by their first base coach talks just like Elmer Fudd!”.

At first I didn’t understand… so, “He’s what?”

“Yeah . I swear coach… just like Elmer Fudd… you know …Looney Tunes!”.

Well, after a few more innings our change at first base was inevitable. Then another change, then another change … and so on.

Now, an Umpire in Chief has a lineup card that he pencils in substitutes, and on this day he was using the boarders … all of which he found no
humor in. (pick, picky)

The last fielder we sent to the first bag turned to other teams first base coach and started having some words with him, then the first base umpire stepped in because things were getting a little hot. Finally the plate umpire walked up the first base line and got into it.

Things settled down and the game got back to business … the home plate umpire put his mask back on … pointed to our pitcher and yelled “play”.

The next pitch was right down the pike and the plate umpire yelled out …
just like Elmer Fudd …” STUWWWRIKE!!!

That’s all Folks!