Fire Glutes/Hips

Hi guys.

Now I am wondering about hip rotation. to rotate your hips do you “fire” your glutes? By “fire” I mean contract/squeeze/flex.

I’ve been trying it in my delivery and my hips really seem to explode

you see how his Glute/Butt/Hips Rotate and his butt leg and foot turn over really fast? is that from him firing his glute or something else?

any thoughts or comments please post reply…


Nice video clip btw…

You are def. on the right track by focusing on how to get the hips to fire correctly to gain power in your delivery. When I teach lessons to my kids, the hip turn is one of the most important aspects I cover.

I will say, however, when I pitch and when I teach it, I don’t focus on firing the glutes and butt…that could easily lead to jumping forward and pushing off too hard. I think one of the most important things to think about is driving the back knee straight through the front knee as the back foot rotates and comes up out of the hole (to prevent foot drag). YOu want to stay tall and create height on your delivery to allow yourself to throw downhill. Alot of this comes from a properly executed hip turn. If you simply fire your glutes and “flex,” you will likely sink some on that back leg and loose the down angle that is so important.

Also, check out the timing between the elbows coming up and hips firing…You’ll notice his upper half stays on target a split second longer than his hips do…this is ESSENTIAL to translate the power from the hips directly into the release point of the baseball.

Maybe you know this already but just in case you didn’t there are a lot of slo motion clips steve posted on the site… in the pitching clips forum he left a link

Thats good stuff. I do alot of video analysis on my blog of different big leaguers… I call it my Big Leaguer Breakdown. I do one every sunday. They’re great for analyzing how the Major Leaguers do there thing. Check them out

is it sitting on the inner back leg while getting your stride foot out in front of you…and your back knee feels like it’s caving in but keeping the foot parallel to the rubber until you land…then once you land your foot will pivot from the rotation of your hips and torso?

You want your weight to be on the ball of your back foot (not your toes, not your heels…but the ball of the foot) as the front foot hits the ground. Simultaneously, the back foot will begin to lift and rotate along with the hip turn. At no point should you feel like you are collapsing on that back leg …instead, your back side and hip should stay a little taller as the hips turn to allow for a better downhill trajectory on the pitch. As the back knee drives through, your upper half will begin to travel down as the ball is delivered…allowing the upper half to finish parallel to the ground.

[quote=“Southpaw0505”]… driving the back knee straight through the front knee as the back foot rotates and comes up out of the hole (to prevent foot drag).[/quote]Why are you attempting to avoid foot drag?

yea a lot of pros drag their foot even the greats did…

I threw a bullpen today and made sure i got my glute involved in the throw and I was throwin hard…I dislocated my catcher’s thumb…but that could of been from my 2-seamer’s late veer…i’m a rhp so it veers into a right handed hitter.

On Glute/Hips:

My thought was the biggest muscle attached to the hips are the glutes and the gluteus maximus is the main hip extensor. Hip extensors are the gluteus maximus and the three hamstring muscles. These are big, strong muscles that can produce a lot of force into a pitcher’s throw. No wonder there are lots of pitchers with big butts and big thighs…

I try to drive my back leg through the target. I whip my arm to throw also. My dad taught me this, he said he got the idea from Bob Gibson.

There is no question that the big muscles in the leg are the best way to generate power. My point was to be careful how you “flex” those muscles when turning the hips. It’s important to stay tall over the rubber longer and ensure that you are able to get over the front leg when you drive the hips

I bought this guy’s book, bunch of core workouts, warmups, prehab, physioball workouts, medicine ball, elasticity workouts…nutrition

his website is

here is a link to the vid that shows a workout that teaches how to load the hip, extend then explode with the hip toward the plate (wall in the video)

note: he does stay tall in the drill, the whole point is to “throw the ball with the hip” exploding with the hip and in turn the shoulder will drive the ball to the wall…notice he says “fire” the glute at the end

[quote=“kevinbert28”]I try to drive my back leg through the target.[/quote]This is a very old teach but doesn’t match what video show that the best in the business do.