Finishing/follow through

I was reading a post and this was brought up and it seemed like a good question. When you are finishing your throw do you finish with your body coming over top of your landing leg or do you want to finish by pushing your body toward the throwing arm side of your leg or do you want your body to come across your leg to your glove side?

follow through does not really matter. just keep it natural. your follow through is based on a number of things (mainly arm angle). however you finish you finish

Depending on your physique and build, your ending posture will mainly depend on the pitch itself, how your feeling at that moment, the surface condition that your perfoming off of, and your interpretation mentally and physically of your performance at that time — accounting for any adjustments that your dealing with.

I know this is a lot of …“IF’s” not a direct answer, but it’s important to think about each plausible scenario … either seperate or combined that will leave an imprint on your work.

Take for example the dubious hanging curve. Regardless of how impressionable your ending follow through was… I’d bet even money your looking at the Commissioner’s signature bouncing in the parking lot.

And if your just coming off an illness … say the flu… then your not going to be 100% and thus is your concentration and body language will follow suit.

And for some guys, their ending follow through is so predictable for certain pitches that they can actually tip their hand even before they finish the pitch.

Extremes on this subject can be found with Bob Gibson (1959 to 1975), Whitey Ford (1950 to 1967), and the great Walter Johnson (1907 to 1927).