Finishing a knucklecurve

How do you finish a knucklecurve? Is it like a regular fastball straight overhand or is it like a regular curve spinning the wrist cuz I have tried them both but I cant get it to work.

It’s like a regular fastball.

The whole point of the knuckle curve is that you get the curving action without having to twist your wrist (which protects your elbow).

Well, not exactly like a fastball. Make sure you are getting a good flick with your index finger to impart the spin that make the picth move. I have found that a cutter type grip with the middle finger give the ball a good down and away break to it. You dont want to twist the elbow, as with the slider, just use the fingers.

It took a long long time to get that pitch under control but you will be lights out once you can throw it for strikes.

Of course. Otherwise you won’t get the topspin that will make the ball curve and bite.

I have been working really hard lately to make it one of my offspeed pitches with a changeup. But whenever I throw it like a fastball it just goes straight like a fastball.

In Steven Ellis’s article on How to Throw a KnuckleCurve it says to throw like a beginners curveball to point your knuckle to the target. I thought it meant that you spun your wrist to make your knucle point at the target. But I must be wrong.

Your palm should be facing the target at the release point.

You flick your finger to release the ball, which puts topspin on the ball and causes it to curve.

I just re-read Steve’s article on the knuckle curve and unless I’m totally miss reading it and the accompanying pictures, your palm does NOT face the target at release point. You should be throwing it with the tomahawk chop motion…the same motion as the beginner’s curve…ie your palm would be facing the first base dugout if a right handed pitcher. It would be nearly impossible to put the proper rotation (top spin) on the ball with your palm facing the target and only flicking your index finger.

Maybe Steve will see this and straighten this out…lol.

yeah it could be a mistake in the article.

If you had your palm facing your PAS ear and then flicked your finger it the release point then you wouldn’t put topspin on the ball. Instead, the ball would have the same spin as a screwball (imagine the spin of a bullet as it leaves the barrel of a gun).

Also, remember the “knuckle” part of the name. You aren’t trying to put a ton of spin on the ball (otherwise it won’t knuckle). Just enough to get it to bite.

A ball thrown with a ton of topspin is a standard curveball.

yea i tried throwing it like a regular curve with the chop and it just curved like a regular curve.

yea i tried throwing it like a regular curve with the chop and it just curved like a regular curve.

My Son has an excellent Knuckle Curve that he throws just like a fastball with one modification- he angles his wrist inward to get the index finger more on top of the ball. Strong hands, especially the middle finger, are necessary to make this work. He gets excellent sink on this pitch but not much horizontal movement.


This is exactly what I am talking about.

thanks you all… it was just probably a mistake in the article that we should point out to Mr. Ellis… since i know the correct way to throw it now i will practice on it to make it one of my pitches.