So yesterday I was supposed to throw a bullpen but I probably won’t pitch this weekend at all now because of just that, a fingertip injury. We were doing a bare hand fielding drill and my index fingertip got knicked with the ball I though it was okay, just a scratch I’ll just go home and band aid it. However it’s developed into an awful cut below my fingernail, it’s not infected but it hurts too bad to even grip a knuckleball much less throw one.

Anybody know how to heal this quickly? Without my knuckleball I’m nothing.

I suggest not throwing at all until it heals. Sounds like it will keep opening up everytime you use it. You might even want to split it to keep it from opening from every day use.

I think I had what you had, but I still threw. It kept opening, but didn’t have that much pain.

It’s fine now, just bandaged it and soaked the finger in warm water.