Fingertip pushups

Do fingertip pushups belong in a pitchers workout?

Why would you do them when you can do other pushup variations that are lower risk for injury. It’s not really a functional movement for pitchers, its mostly for show

First off, I wouldn’t consider them “just for show” I did them as a golf exercise when I was younger. It helped build my strength of grip, as well as wrist & forearm. As far as injuries, I would ask that you elaborate, as I am not aware of any associated injuries.

there are better ways to work on grip strength that involve you actually gripping things…by doing fingertip pushups you’re making your fingers the limiting factor and not getting the most out of the exercise, which is designed for the upper body pressing musculature.

In other words: do pushups, with as challenging a variation as you can manage, but challenging in terms of what we are trying to achieve with the exercise. Weighted pushups, explosive pushups are increasing the load on those muscles, fingertip pushups are just limiting what we can do to look cool.

Work your grip on alternate exercises…ones that target the flexors, extensors, pronators, supinators, ulnar and radial deviators, not ones that just place strain on the ligaments of the fingers

an analogy is squatting on a bosu ball…people may they think they are getting more out of the exercise but they are getting less out of it by limiting the load they can use and not working the intended muscles. Combining movements and exercises into one is only a good idea if they are not mutually limiting…

I agree w/ Lanky…among all of the push-up variations I’ve seen recommended for pitchers’ strength & conditioning I’ve never…not once…heard of any reputable pitching coach suggesting that pitchers should perform fingertip pushups.

mrmallerd, I’m no golfer but I’d be curious to know how you came to believe that fingertip pushups were helpful for your golf grip. Also, do you believe that fingertip push-ups are widely recommended among serious golfers and their coaches?

It seems to me—and this is just my opinion off-the-cuff—that the risk of injury might be reasonably high from putting considerable weight and stress on the little muscles, tendons, and bones of the fingers.

First, I am not advocating this, but putting it out for discussion. With the exception of school, I have never done a finger tip push up outside of my own house, so I really do not look at it as “looking cool” With the exception of Rice Bucket drills, I see very little on developing of hand strength.

As far as it being helpful for my golf grip, I am 59 years old & played very competitive golf thru my early 20s. Other than wrist curls, this was one of the few exercises that were recomended(for golfers) when I was growing up. Understand, it was done to strengthen the grip, wrists & forearms, not the biceps.

Dan Blewett has some cool grip strength ideas on his website.

Have you tried deadlifting 400 pounds? Turns out you need a pretty strong grip to do so.