Fingers Tingling

It’s been a week since my last throwing session. I had pain in the inner elbow which was on and off and tingling in my last two fingers, after resting a week the pain is gone but i still get a bit of tingling in the last two fingers when i bend my elbow. is this something to be worried about or will it go away with rest?

Pain in inner elbow and tingling could be symptoms of an injury. See an orthopedic doctor trained in sports medicine. Dr. Glenn Fleisig of ASMI can recommend one in your area:

So after consulting an orthopedic who used to work for the yankees (even checked Mariano Rivera once, which is pretty cool in my opinion) He diagnosed me with grade 1 ucl sprain. What are the best ways to recover and get better in the 2 months that im out? most websites online always say the same things such as rest and RICE. Thanks

Glad you got it checked out. I didn’t say it, but I suspected a UCL injury. Folks, inner elbow pain coupled with tingling in the pinky and ring fingers are classic symptoms of a UCL injury.

Ask the orthopedic who diagnosed you for a treatment plan. UCL injuries are very serious. They are difficult to diagnose accurately, and often the conservative approach (rest, etc.) does not work and the player ends up in TJ anyway. Look at all the MLB pitchers who try to recover from UCL injuries using a conservative approach and end up with TJ surgery.

I find it ironic, if not outright strange, that a professional of this caliber (with the Yankees no less) had you leave his practice without any follow up, guidance, etc., for your condition. I also find it strange and little bit unsettling that a condition like yours has left you wanting website advice that directly impacts not only your health, but also your quality of life, now and in the future.

Any thoughts on the matter?

That was my thought too . . . “Why didn’t the orthopedic direct the follow up and treatment?:confused:” . . . That’s why I suggested he ask the orthopedic who diagnosed him for a treatment plan.

I don’t mean to be personal here, but, do you have or had, a mild case of spina bifida occulta?

The reason why I ask is that I went back into your past posts and you mentioned something about a “crack” feeling in your back while you were studying. Usually, a feeling like that, while sitting, with a slight arch to your back while reading, eating a meal at a table, and so forth, can suggest either a physical abnormality - or - an injury from some sort as a result of physical contact/impact.

Back/spine abnormalities and injuries can pass on all sorts of restrictions and effects that can go totally undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

Just wondering.(?)

No I have never had a case of spina bifida occulta as far as I know. The plan my orthopedist suggested was to go through a series of 3 prp injections plus physical therapy (ems and rom exercises). I was asking more along the lines of workouts that could help me get better and maybe even help recovery as long my as it doesn’t work the elbow.

Based on your injury and limited history on possible other condition(s) - your back problem for instance, I would stay away from exercises suggested by those without professional medical qualifications. You must focus on addressing what’s on your plate now, before going further. Besides, these injects take time to be effective, post injection tracking, and following your doctor’s advice to the letter.

I’ve known those that have rushed things after such service, and it didn’t go well for all the time and expense of the treatment(s).

So, I would suggest going slow here, give your body time to adjust and get use to the therapy, and follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter.

Thanks Coach Baker

Here’s the thing about the injections treatments - it’s take a while for them to take effect, but when they do, it’s not unusual to feel pretty good. During that time, you’ll be at the greatest risk of seriously hurting yourself beyond coming back to a healthy starting point.

Don’t be over confident and rush things. You’ll recover nicely, you’ll be back in shape to progress slowly, and your patience will be rewarded with a great quality of life now, and beyond. Just be patient.

I would like to add this - somehow you’re not getting the kind of coaching that’ll assist you in enjoying this game and at the same time progressing your ability(s). From your posting, I read a young man who is willing to discipline himself by asking questions (no small feat for someone your age) trying to improve your athletic abilities, and steer yourself towards a better horizon(s). All of what I just mentioned is worth praise and I admire your willingness to literally - stick it out.

So, with all that said, up to this point you’re doing great - don’t crash and burn by rushing things and toss away all your patience and hard work. You’ll be very glad you did.

Coach B.