Fingers in wrong place

I noticed with close up pitchers of my 13 1/2 year old son the is holding his 2 and 4 seam grip wrong. He is not paying attention to where his fingers are. He throws real hard and I was wondering if he would instantly gain a few ticks on velocity it we correct this? Check out the pics

The ball might react differently but not much in the velocity département

Thanks 4pie I will correct it when we come off our break.

Looks like he holds tight & deep in his hand. In addition looks off center; probably a cutting action now. The correct grip will give him better rotation; also won’t cut it when he’s not trying. I believe he will pick up some additional velocity.

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Not sure if he was not focused when I took these pics but he topped out at 78.4 mph and the spin rate was 2048. Sometimes the simple things are not simple

Looks like his thumb is under his index finger, when it should be under his middle finger.

Yes thank you I told him to put the imiddle finger and thumb on the ball and then the index finger. He was able to throw hard with this grip can’t wait to see what he does in October after his break with the grip correction and his new velocity programs.