Finger tips burning?

I was throwing a bullpen today I have just started throwing overhand and my velocity has increased dramaticly but my finger tips started to burn is this a bad thing or good?

Could be that with the lower arm slot you tended to supinate and the ball didn’t come off the tips of your fingers but with the higher arm slot it does. If that’s the case, you just need more repetitions to toughen up the skin on the tips of your fingers.

o ok that would make since because it never happened when i through sidearm


Are you completely abondoning the sidearm thing? I don’t thing you should, throwing sidearm effectively with an overhand throwing motion is like having very effective secondary pitches to keep hitters off balance and a good way to change eye levels. Especially if it is natural for you.

no I plan on still throwing sidearm because i have 4 different pitches and your right it will keep hitters off-balence it would give me a total of six pitches i can thrwo for strikes