Finger tingling

My son pitched in the team’s first tournament this year, going the final 5 innings and throwing 70 pitches, about 10 curves, the rest FB and changeups. (no runs, 5 k’s, 2 BB, 2 hits)

After the game he complained of forearm tightness and the next day felt tingling while tossing with me in the back yard (no hard stuff, just warm up type stuff). Yesterday, he went to practice and felt a little tight at first, then said it loosened up after he got warm. This is his first year throwing hard curve balls. Just wondering if this is normal or something to be concerned about, and do you think its a result of throwing the deuce or perhaps a lingering symptom of his shoulder impingement?

You’ve helped me a lot,hose–My father-in-law is a doc and says that "feeling comes from nerves,so any sensation,not just pain,is from nerves."So the question is why the nerves are firing----is it pins and needles like your foot falling asleep?It may be normal–I can ask Doc if necessary…let me know,I’ll be glad to help any way I can…

Tingling is from some form of nerve compression. If it persists stop throwing and go see a Doc.

If the tingling goes away but the forearm tightness persists try this.

Before and after throwing (but before icing) take hand lotion and apply it liberally to your son’s forearm, from the elbow to the wrist. Now you have him face you and, starting at the elbow and moving down to the wrist, you grab his forearm with both hands, one above the other and apply pressure like you were giving him an " indian rope burn". Move down the forearm to the wrist.
Repeat several times. Now ask him where on his forearm the muscle tightness eminates from and take one of your thumbs and apply pressure to that spot. See if you can feel a knot and slowly increse the pressure. Move you thumb back and forth in the same direction as the tight muscle . Get him to take deep breaths and try to totally relax those muscles. Repeat the 'Indian rope burn" motion several more times.

What you are trying to do here is take a muscle or group of muscles that are spasming and break the electrical impulse that is causing it.

He should also stretch his forearm muscles before and after throwing.

Let me know how this works for you.

go to a doctor, this “could” be tommy john surgery related, according to the doctor i just saw about my elbow, if hes having any numbness or tingling anymore in his arm or fingers, go to a doctor immediatly, they say the ligament can get so inflammed or something that it hurts the ulna nerve, and i guess thats what tommy john is…so id quit throwing and go to a doctor right away if it persists


I wouldn’t consider tingling normal. I think you should play it safe and have your son checked out by a doctor - ideally an orthopedist familiar with sports injuries.

I agree.

The tingling means that too much stress is being put on the nerve. That could be due to the UCL loosening up.

maybe he has a small hole in his vein that is causing not enough blood to get to the finger causing tingling my brother had the same problem. Manhatten pitcher Zac Goyer # 20

Hi Hose

I’m not sure how old your son is. However, mine is 10 and just was diagnosed with LLE. The first thing every doctor did was ask and check if he had any numbness or tingling in his fingers. This was a sign for elbow problems. Apparently there is a nerve that runs down your arm through your inside of your elbow right to your fingers. If their is damage done to this nerve, the fingers are one of the signs.

I would see an Ortho.

Good luck

I tore my UCL “Tommy John” a few years back and it started with the numbness of the fingers. I would definitely get it checked out. I went to a doctor who didn’t know much about baseball players and pitchers in general and just diagnosed it as an inflamed elbow and let me go and pitch and then pop I was done. Take your son to a Doctor and I’m pretty sure it will probably just be an overworked arm or something to that extent nothing to serious. But I would take him for the peace of mind. Hope it works out.

My son was recovering from a shoulder impingement when he over-threw (100 pitches, 5 SO innings, 8 K’s) and caused a slight regression. He’s been fine since then, and is now getting his confidence, and thus his velocity, back. No further issues with soreness, numbness, or tingling.

Thanks for your concern. We’re keeping a close eye on it.

I have experienced tingling. It is usually from dehydration but he wasn’t cramping so I doubt that. Mine went away after a while. I just continued to throw. This was going on at the time when I was hyper extending my shoulder though.