Finger Tingling With Abduction


So I was working on my mechanics and I noticed my fingers were tingling. No pain, just some tingling. I took some video and noticed my elbow may have been to abducted a bit much (above shoulder angle) during MER. I tried throwing from a with lower abduction and it went away. I thought it was kind of strange. Thoughts?


I’d recommend seeing a doctor about this. I’ve seen my good friend go through elbow pain and it turned out to be tendinitis and he couldn’t throw for a month during our deep playoff run. Probably cost us a championship


Which fingers are tingling? The Ring and pinky fingers? --if so, could be indicative of too much stress on your ulnar nerve, or your ulnar nerve is too tight. Lets problem solve this. reply back


No it was thumb pointer and middle


Median nerve. Might be tight on you. Try this basic nerve mobilization (youtube link) and see if it gets better. You can even move you arm further to the back to get more stretch. See how you fair, keep me posted.


Thank you. The tingling went away after making some changes but I will try it!