Finger Tingling after throwing

I’ve had this bothering me for a couple weeks. When I pitch and throw I feel completely fine but after when I extend my arm out sometimes I get tingling down my arm into my fingers for a second when I hold open doors and things like that. Besides that there is no pain. I think it may just be overuse but I’m open to hear what you guys think.

Tingling in hands = nerves. Either pinched nerves will you’re sleeping with your hand behind your head for instance or in your case this could be from overuse as you suggest or much bigger problems depending on your situation. Of course, you might want to rest and look at your pitching delivery for flaws that could be associated with stress on arm but if it’s a bigger problem I would definitely go see a doctor to clear this up.

Overuse causes inflammation, inflammation will press on your ulnar nerve and send those ‘shocks’ and tingling through your pinky and ring finger. Rest.