Finger numbness

Hi I’m a High school pitcher and when I was outside throwing my fingers got numb for a few seconds and then it slowly went away. Every time I threw it got worse and worse. Now my arm and hand feel weird and tight. I’m confused on what this might be

Is there numbness or tingling down into the small and ring fingers? I ask because that can be a symptom of a UCL injury. Either way, don’t diagnose online, go see an orthopedic surgeon trained in sports medicine.

It only tingles in the thumb index finger and the middle finger

Doesn’t sound like the UCL. Could be a pronator strain. Again, don’t diagnose online - go see an orthopedic surgeon trained in sports medicine.

This is usually the first sign of thoracic outlet syndrome.(TOS) Extended rest will resolve this most of the time.

Brachial nerves will get pinch through inflammation. This originates in the neck and color bone area. Classic sign is tingling, nerve shock, numbness in middle , pointer finger and thumb.

Always remember pinky finger and ring finger are usually elbow issue.

Middle, pointer finger and thumb is usually neck and coller bone area. For nerve issues. Hope this helps others.

My son is going through the very same symptoms. His thumb, index and middle fingers tingle after pitching. While pitching he rarely feels the sensation, but for days afterwards he will have the tingling. He actually feels it more when just playing catch. We are getting conflicting reports, one doctor said is is a tight pectoral muscle irritating the C6 nerve, while another doctor says it is more likely a “carpal tunnel” type issue. I am leaning more towards the thoracic outlet syndrome (TOC) from what I can glean off the Web. James16, did you ever get diagnosed? If so, what did you do for it? How is it now?

My son made a full recovery with rest. The symptoms never came back after the initial symptoms.

Thinking back he pitch to many pitches this one weekend for competive travelball.

Now we make sure he gets proper rest between pitching starts. He is a top pitcher for his Highschool. The problem never reoccurred.

Remember classic signs fingers middle, pointer and thump numbness. (TOS)

My son has kept it in check with daily stretching and massaging of the pectoral muscle. No tingling in the 3 previous outings.