"Finding" your pitch again, and breaking in glove

So this is sort of last minute but I just realized that I lost my curve, both of them. I used to have a looping first pitch strike curve and a last second sharp breaking curve. I threw a personal bullpen last wednesday to see how my arm felt and EVERYTHING sucked. I regrouped for today(1st day of tryouts) and everything was as I liked it except for my curve. I mean it was bad. So any ideas on how to help me get back my curve?

Also, how do I properly break in a new glove? I know this is off topic but I’m not on this website that much so might as well put the two together. Anyway I’ve never really broken a glove in properly, like I always just formed a pocket and left it at that. The glove I have right now, for example, is really flimsy and heavy and…just not really a good baseball glove. So any help?

I’ve heard of this many times before—a pitcher just “loses” one or two of his pitches. Actually, what has been lost is not the pitch, but the pitcher’s feel for it, which is not all that uncommon. I’ve seen this happen in the majors more often than we realize; a pitcher is warming up prior to the start of a game and suddenly realizes that one pitch isn’t there. Fortunately, there’s a remedy for this problem.
You should concentrate of regaining the feel for the pitch. Start with the grip and focus on what it feels like, say the grip you use for the sharp-breaking curve. Then progress to how you throw it. What you want at this point is to regain yhour sense of what it feels like to throw that pitch. Don’t try to rush things; the important thing is to get back what you misplaced…the feel of the pitch. Yake your time and make sure you have it the way you did before, then you can start using it again. And above all, relax and don’t worry about it. 8)

Thanks to both of you for this discussion.