Finding the right JUCO for a pitcher with lots of potential

Hello Everyone, I am a 6’6, 195 pound from Manitoba,Canada. I am looking for a junior college to develop as a pitcher, gain velocity/strength and move on to a 4 year D1 school after 1 or 2 years. I believe I have a very high ceiling because I am very athletic, have good command and am starting to fill out into my frame. I am throwing in the 82-85 mph range and believe I could benefit from great coaching, a solid strength and conditioning program and flexibility/mobility work to increase my velocity and overall pitchability. I don’t have a very informed idea about what junior college’s would be a good fit for me and was wondering if anyone here has some suggestions about certain programs? I am also curious if I would be able to go to a D1 JUCO based on my intangibles.

Also: Open to going many places in America and my grades are very strong, California, Arizona,Florida or any where in the Midwest or south i would be interested in. Just looking for somewhere I can develop and get as much exposure as possible.


I only know of SOCal schools. Riverside (East of LA), Palomar (San Diego), Cypress and Orange Coast, (and lesser know programs like Mt Sac and Citrus College) in LA County have pretty good programs. Kids from there have gone onto Long Beach, UC Fullerton, and other UC schools and I even know of one that got picked up by Georgetown back east.

I will ask some of the coaching staff at the high school for their opinions as well and post back if anything different.

Best of luck!

Thanks a lot for your sharing that! I’ll look into those schools ASAP.

This site may be helpful:

1# Iowa Western CC
2# Indian Hills CC
3# Marshalltown CC
4# Kirkwood CC
#5 Southeastern CC