Finding teams


I live in Memphis and am 14 and am having trouble finding leagues to play in this spring. I already play for my school. But I want to play for another team also. I know I am mostly too late to tryout for teams. Any help finding teams?


Not sure what the rules are in Tennessee. Where we live state rules prohibit play or practice other than with school once practice starts until end of season. I’d check with your coach before spending time looking. Around here if you’re even caught working out with another team you’re declared ineligible.

Edit: Following is from State of Tn.
B. Players that are registered with TSSAA as members of a high school baseball or girls’ softball squad shall not participate in independent play until the season has closed. For teams not entering the tournament series, the season closes with the completion of the last scheduled game. For teams participating in the tournament series, the season closes when the team has been eliminated from the tournament series or has won the state championship. After their school term has closed, players on teams that are still in tournament series may participate as independents on amateur teams without endangering their eligibilit


I am in junior high, but I’ll still talk with my coach about it.


Think it’s going to depend on whether you school fields a school Junior High team. Not every school around here does one but if its officially a school team can’t participate with any other team during the season. What little I read from the Tennessee website couldn’t tell whether it’s season or start of practice. Where we’re at its start of practice which by is defined by dates certain.