Finding my way to the show, LHP Pitching Daily Log

So to start I’m 23 turning 24 here in the next week. When I was 15-18 I played varsity ball at the top High School in 6A. Things didn’t work out in short and wasn’t ready for the next level mentally. The mound is where I feel the most confident(besides with my girl). I started training everyday in October. The point of this log is to keep track of my progress, and honestly inspire someone who has been in my shoes. I want my story to be how anyone can rise from any situation. Never give up. Only you really want it with everything you got.

My goals are to make it either into a D1 College, or into the Minor League system. I know it’s not easy, and I accept any challenges to get there.

My beginning stats are 6’3 170, and now am sitting at 190 lbs 9-10% bf. In this log I will kinda just post my daily routines, stats, mechanics, personal journal for my brain and progress on finding a team to play for. If you have any input whither it be positive or negative I appreciate it allot. Thank you =)

Current Stats: 190 lbs 9.8% BF
Goal Stats: 225 lbs 10% BF

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So Day 1 of this log. It’s June 4th and I have been working with the TuffCuff program. Today was Phase 1 Week 6 Day 3 (optional). I did all my rotator cuff excersises, and stretching at the gym. I opened at work so got to it at 6 AM. After, I went to long toss and work on mechanics at the fields. Long tossing I got to about 200 ft+ on a straight line minimal arc which was nice (remember to get exact distance for following days!). Arm feels really good lately, I throw a little bit everyday just to keep my arm strength increasing. I’m starting to feel my external rotation more and more. I then setup the GoPro on the mound and threw about 30 pitches to see my mechanics in Slomo. As I was doing so two college catchers locally from a private college where I live came over and asked where I play. They gave me the head coaches # to call because they wanted me on the team. Sadly I don’t think I every took the SAT, if I did probably didn’t score too well. Oh well, the compliments are really turning my game up more and more.

Day 2 begins. Starting to get up earlier and earlier to have more time in my days. Start with 2 honey soy espresso, turkey, sprouts, sandwich before the gym. Today is a leg day so going in pretty serious. Will edit once I’m done and remember to track all my food+supps+water intake. Also gonna be at the indoor facility hopefully later for some bullpen video.

So Squat is at 185 x15 reps 2 sets.
Forward Lunge is at 95 12 reps 2 sets
Leg Curl and Extension 90 12 reps 2 sets
tilted seated calf raises 70 at 15 reps 2 sets
Did my plyo jumps, skater one feels awkward but whatever haha.

Ate a sport protein bar and banana gonna search for some more food till the parents get in town.
Lunch: Had a chicken ceasar salad, frontega chicken sandwhich, and a chicken panini with sweet potato fries.
It’s nice working with lower weight for me, as when I started I rushed to Phase III thinking I could start there. Instead I realized you never wanna take shortcuts in anything you do, and enjoy building the muscular endurance to build more off.

All that’s left is some cardio. Gonna do some 60 yrd sprints, and light jog 4x.

Keep it up man we are reading. Aside from the pitching, if you need any help with resources to study for an entrance exam let me know. I have always been a good test taker and love passing on my strategies to those who may need them.

Thank you, might need those strategies soon

Day 3 started with a sausage,gravy, biscuit and sweet potato fries. It’s my birthday so family and friends are in town. Doesn’t mean stop working! Haha but it’s nice gonna get a nice hot shave and spend some time with them. Later on gonna long toss and track the distance with my brother. Will edit that in here.

Ate crab cakes, coconut shrimp, veggies and mashed potatoes. Long toss was at about 200 ft just gonna say first recording will start there.

Day 4, family left town for my bday weekend had a great time. Woke up had some coffee and almond,pecan,cashew waffles. Heading to the indoor facility for some mechanics and light toss. Arm is a little sore from use during long toss because we also did some BP on the field as well. Arm should be 100% in a couple days so gonna wait for that to continue in longtoss/bullpens. Here is latest mechanics from today.

Side view 6/7: - YouTube
Front view 6/7: - YouTube

Ate a organic beef taco with lime and cabbage, and a turkey veggie sub. Took my protein shake and creatine aswell, I’m sitting at about 190 10% BF and feel really strong. Can’t wait to be sitting at over 200 lbs and really start feeling my velocity go up. My next step is getting coach to bring the radar gun, or find a way to get my velocity. I know I’m throwing harder and harder I just wanna know the speed…

For cardio ran 1/2 mile then 4 60 yard sprints

Day 5. Had a upper body workout day, some starting stats are

100 back press
60s chest press
Shrugs 45s
Tricep 55
Bicep 50 bar
Lat 90

Finished with med ball workout out at the fields, felt really good and practiced mechanics for awhile. Light toss.
Food so far is a veggie eggs omelette, chicken,potatoes,veggies, spaghetti. 20g protein bar, 1 serving of creatine. Oh also a chicken artichoke panini, and almonds.
Protein Shake, Isopure 50G is what I use everyday aswell.

Out of curiosity, what is your grocery bill? You eat some really tasty and incredibly healthy treats. Also do you prepare your meals in advance? Meal preparation is always what kills my healthy habits.

There is a local fresh market that just opened nearby. Different proteins, veggies, and carbs daily at a decent price as well.

Day 6. Woke up around 9 am, headed to the gym for some optional day rotator cuff exercises and stretching. 2 sets of 15 exercises. Sitting at 189 with nothing in my belly. Ate some chicken, mushrooms, grilled veggies, and all natural beef hamburger meat. Also a 15G protein bar, and Green goddess smoothie. Took my creatine 1st dose and went to throw for a light toss. Have some video of my mechanics gonna upload after work. Did my 1/2 mile cardio, got the time down to a 7 minute mile.

Day 7. 1 week so far, and already feel so much stronger and mechanically sound. I think waking up earlier and earlier is really helping me out. Woke up and had a maple glaze chicken wrap with veggies. Drinking a bunch of water. Gonna give my arm and body a full day rest. Gonna study some mechanics stuff and do some yoga with the GF after work.

Day 8. Woke up had some cashews nuts and dark chocolate. Worked 1-7 which I ate a cherry oat bar, chicken artichoke panini, multigrain bagel, and some coffee + water. Then hit the gym for leg day.

Leg stats
Squat 205 2 sets of 15x
Forward Lunge 115 2 sets of 12x
Leg extensions 90 lbs 2 sets 12x
Leg curls 100 lbs 2 sets 12x
Tilted Calf raises 80 2 sets 15x
Wrist curl 25 2 sets 15x
Wrist extension 7.5 2 sets 15x

So basically improved in every category. Working out at night I’ve realized my body is more stretched and ready to lift. Took some creatine, protein shake, and a burger with fries before lifting aswell. I’m glad I’m starting with high reps now I can tell I’m getting stronger and stronger this way.
Also complete off day for my arm, gonna be nice and recharged for tommorrows long toss.

Day 9. Started with eating some hummus and pretzels and a 20g protein bar. Coffee too. Then went to the fields for some long toss.Arm felt really strong. Got to 222 ft at my max distance. For day 2 of tracking I think that’s pretty good and excited. After that me and my girlfriend went to the pool by our school, and stretched and relaxed. It’s 95 degrees here. Lol. Before that also got some chicken veggies rice and green tea. Took my creatine 1 dose. Then got some more food which was a kale salad with chicken. Eating a rueben bread turkey swiss sandwich now too with a protein bar. GAINS. Goodnight.

Day 10.Opened so was up at 4:30 A.M… had a bacon sandwich and bagel with some coffee.Then after went to the gym was arms day so did biceps, triceps, lat pulldown, chest, rotator cuff exercises,etc. Felt good. After went and took a nap. Giving my arm a rest, tommorrow gonna throw a bullpen with a friend and have a nice camera take some video of my mechanics. Getting to the point now, where I’m trying to master the mound. Also ate half a publix turkey sub, meat lovers pizza, protein shake and bar. Also chicken, asparagus, fish and pasta.

Day 11. Been super busy lately. I pitched in a scrimmage with some HS and College prospects, a couple potential D1 hitters. I pitched to about 5-6 batters. I only pitched fastballs, and wanted to just see how my ball moved for the first time in a scrim in a LONG time. Years. I got the first 4 out, gave up 2 hits. Coaches said I was throwing about low 80s to mid. At a start that lifed some stress off me, as I know with some mechanical issues I can throw pretty hard then. Coach kept saying I dip back which I have been told from the start just trying to muscle memory it in game mode. But I was pretty proud of how I pitched and motivated me alot.

Day 12. Rotator cuff exercise day, and 1/2 mile, sprints.

Day 13. Leg day.

Squat 235 lbs 3 reps of 12x

Forward Lunge 135 2 sets of 12x
Leg curls 100 lbs 2 sets 12x
Tilted Calf raises 80 2 sets 15x
Wrist curl 30 2 sets 15x
Wrist extension 10 2 sets 15x

1/2 mile, 100 yrd sprints