Finding My Release Point

I have recently been having trouble finding my release point and I think it is affecting my control. I don’t throw that hard but my control has always been my strong point. But for the last month the ball is not coming out of my hand like it usually does and I can’t seem to find it. Any suggestions on what I should do to help find my release point again?

Your release point is a result of everything else leading up to it. If it’s messed up, then something else earlier in your delivery is messed up. Fix that/them and the release point should take care of itself.

try going through your pitching motion with your eyes closed a few times to help you get a feel for what is going on and also run through them looking at a mirror or on video so you have a visual of what`s going on.

A Brewers player told me this when i was younger -

If you’re having trouble finding a release point or arm slot, roll a ball out in front of you a few feet. Walk over pick it up and throw it without any thought at all.

Now whenever i have trouble i do that and i just throw a ball without thinking and it always helps me.

Practice playing “perfect” catch and then take it to the mound. It’s amazing how simple the game be if you get down to the basic concepts…