Finding momentum in the pitching motion


Momentum = Mass x Velocity

All else being equal, one of the leading factors in producing velocity is body mass. As your momentum and body mass increases, so will your velocity. Where else do you look for momentum in the pitching motion?


Momentum is established by the lower half getting the body moving early in the delivery. After that, I don’t look for more momentum. Rather, I look to transfer what momentum you have up the chain as efficiently as possible. This is not to say that there isn’t muscular contribution along the way that could increase momentum in certain parts of the body. But most pitchers - especially youth pitchers - have inefficiencies so therein lies the focus.


And once again—“THE SECRET”. This is something I never tire of talking about, because it’s such an essential aspect of good mechanics, and all pitchers need to learn and master it. Roger, you hit it right on the button—the pitcher starts the process when s/he drives off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous and rapid-fire motion, thus getting more power behind one’s pitches; that’s where the momentum comes in. I’m really surprised more coaches aren’t aware that the lower half is the real key to a pitcher’s power! You don’t throw with just your arm; you have to get the whole body involved.


Good points on the lower half, Zita.


I look to limit any motion that moves to either side of the target line. I prefer a step back rather than to the side to start the windup. If a pitcher wants to step to the side I try to make it the smallest comfortable step. I look to get the hip forward during the lift rather than after the lift which I believe increases the speed of the delivery.