Hey so I finally got video of me off a mound and I personally think that I look absolutely ugly. I look slow and not explosive at all. I think my arm action needs work too (although now that I look at it more, Verlander has a somewhat similar arm action so maybe I’m okay) it at leasts needs some tweaking. Let me know what you guys think. Advice is greatly appreciated.

first off, for what reason are you not having ur foot against the rubber?

The rubber is way offline to home plate. Its a pretty crappy mound. The first base side of the rubber is about on the 3rd base side of home plate and I normally pitch from the 1st base side

actually your arm action is very good!

My first question was going to be about your starting position off the rubber, too. Since you answered that, my next question is how come not much of a knee lift in the first clip?

That was my slide step, and I’ve changed that since then. Its more direct to the plate now.

For a slide step, just head right for home and break your hands right away. Right now it looks like a bit of a combo of your regular kick and slide step. Then I would also like to see you pull your glove side a little farther back, I feel that you coud get a little move velocity just out of using the glove side more.

I’m working on my slide step right now. One of my friend’s dad noticed that I wasnt going directly towards home. I tried it and immediately noticed improvement in control.

I’m confused by what you mean by pull the glove side farther back.

On your DSCN0269 clip at 3 seconds I see your glove end up right infront of your left shoulder, I feel you could pull your left elbow and then intern glove back farther in order to get both arms working together to throw the ball, I think that the use of both sides of the body together helps greatly with torque. So not only are you pulling your throwing arm down and through with your hips but also pulling it with your other arm.

I read in previous comments that you are too the left of the rubber because it’s off center but i noticed your stride is up and to the right, this causes most pitchers to throw across their body putting extra stress on the arm. Do you have a particular reason for this or do you even know that you step diagonally?

I wasn’t even aware that I stepped this far too the side. I’ve been trying to work on it.

IMO I think your glove side is just fine. Consciously pulling the glove, tucking the glove, or “pulling the glove arm” to help the throwing arm is a mechanism for opening early and reducing hip and shoulder separation. Some also believe this conscious effort is an avenue for injury.

If you can stop your side view video at somewhere in the 4 second range, at the point the forearm is laying back in maximum external rotation, you’ll see your glove is stabilized properly over the front knee/foot and in front of your chest. I also like the hyperextension of your lower back at this point. IMO at this one point in time during your delivery you look very good.

Once the ball is released I’m not saying the glove can’t “flow” to your side as part of your follow through but IMO stabilizing properly prior to release as you do is more important than how or where the glove finishes. If you go through clips of major leaguers you’ll find all kinds of finishes but most if not all stabilize as you do prior to release.

I would like to see you change your setup slightly. As you are now I see your weight mostly on your right foot and your body slightly contorted so that your hips are closer to second base than your shoulders. I’d like to see your hips slightly closer to home plate and your shoulders slightly closer to second. I don’t view this position as necessarily a lean just a slightly different posture- almost the reverse of what you show now. From this position the hips will start in a better position to move directly to home as you lift your leg. From your current position you need to make a posture change in order for the hips to make a strong move and lead the lower body to the target.

Although your position prior to release is very good I think you can get there quicker with less effort by starting with your hips in a better position to “lead the way”.

Rich Harden!!!Rich Harden!!!Rich Harden!!!Rich Harden!!!

why i mention so many times about Rich Harden?
because your arm action is very similiar to him

is rich harden has arm problem action?

is rich harden has arm problem action?[/quote]

Sometimes grammer does matter.

I’ll second what JP said about this.


rich harden has arm problem action?[/quote]

Explain to me why he has a good arm action.


rich harden has arm problem action?[/quote]

Explain to me why he has a good arm action.[/quote]

Priceless do you really want to go there? :lol:
Harden can pitch he uses the high arm cock not the ^ but here’s the thing HE JUST GOT OFF THE DL…9th time in 6th season Injuries: Elbow Ligament Sprain (Ulnar Collateral Ligament), Oblique Strain, and Rotator Cuff Strain.

i agree. make sure too lift your knee a lot higher.

You kind of lost me could you explain knee lift to high elbow cocking. I’m not really sure the point your referring to.