Finally Hit 70+ mph.....but I have a problem


Hi everyone! I’m so excited. :tada:
I topped out at 72 mph in a bullpen.
I averaged about 65+ easily which makes me happy because I’ve finally not been below average velocity wise.
But… looking back at my video. It doesn’t look good. Please help haha! This is the first time I’ve thrown hard and my arm not hurt.

(It only happens when I’m on flat ground)


Ok- what doesnt look good. When you say “it only happens on flat ground” what are you even talking about? Your long arm action? Lack of lower half? Like what do u mean.


Things I see wrong- your arm is aleady starting maximum external rotation when your foot lands. Your arm should be at the 90 degree cock angle when you land but your already starting to turn shoulders and throw. Also, you lean back far to much and when you finish your trunk is very vertical instead of being pushed out. Yout back leg drive is also minimal.


My back foot comes off the ground only on flat ground


How can I fix these things


I never said anything about your back foot coming off the ground