Finally got something to videotape my mechanics

sorry this isnt great quality but that was all i had. i know there is some really talented coaches and or pitching instructors here as well as just guys that know what theyre talking about so if anyone could help maybe get more velocity or help me with my mechanics overall please help me that would be very appreciated

You need to wear a baseball glove, otherwise the talented coaches you refer to aren’t going to take your video seriously because they’ll figure you’re not taking it seriously. Cleats and a mound would be good too.

i know clits are a most i had a hard time getting a good hard push off but you know, not everyone can videotape themself at anytime and so that is it, i guess thats better than me describing it

Well good try anyway 4 Pie. From what can be figured out, it looks like the bottom half involvement is minimal, but on a mound with cleats it could be not as noticable. I also think that you aren’t helping yourself pausing in the middle of your leg kick or delivery, it just kills momentum and ultimately velocity.