Finally got a mean curveball!

it always was a looping curve like almost a slurve but now i have a hard breaking 2 to 8 duece


Nice, that sounds like about 1/5 of my knuckleballs on a good day except mine wobble first, hehe.

Good job accomplishing that anyways. I wish I could throw a curve.

[quote=“Pustulio”]Nice, that sounds like about 1/5 of my knuckleballs on a good day except mine wobble first, hehe.

Good job accomplishing that anyways. I wish I could throw a curve.[/quote]

I wish I could throw a knuckleball more consistently.

Right now my curve is sort of a 1-7 slow curve. When I try to throw it too hard I lose control.

RawTalent, how did you get your curve to break harder?

i actually throw 90 mph so i just throw it the same motion as a fastball then when my hand reaches even with my ear I turn and flick my wrist hard. So its a very hard breaking pitch

throw harder, so it spins harder, should break more, right?

i got 12-6 sumtimes bit of 1-7. I throw mine @ hardest speed i can. breaks really unhuman:P

if you throw it harder, it will break less, because there is less time for movement; but it will look more like a fastball, which is good of course

very true it does look like a fastball which i dont want

i throw fastball changeup splitter
i dont need another lookin like a fastball

i need something to get them buckling lol
which is why i take a little off

Raw Talent,
You’ve described a slider.

it was almost like a slider but i got that downward break rather than the sweeping break

I do throw a slider but barely use it

Have you seen Brad Lidge’s “slider” or at least that’s what they call it. His slider comes out on straight trajectory, as if it was a fastball, but breaks hard and late down and away to righties. A “true” slider has more sideways movement than downward movement. Some pitchers’ sliders just have different movement depending upon the axis that the ball is spinning on.

Francisco Rodriguez, closer for the Angels, also has a similar looking “slider”. It looks more like a curveball actually. Lots of downward break. He throws it around 80 mph.

how do you guys grip your curve? i’ve been working on throwing a mean looping curve like zito’s. not quite 12-6 but more like 1-7. but anyways most of the kids i’ve seen throw curveballs that think they are great are actually pretty crappy. not saying you guys don’t throw a good duece but i am wondering if it’s too unrealistic for me to try to throw a big league curveball.

Ive just learned to throw a good breaking 12-6 curve. I use the straight curveball that Steve has mentioned in one of the articles. I had to change my mind set to throw it properly. Just throw it like it is a curveball, not like a fastball, dont worry about speed, cos they actualy have to adjust to the break and then hit it. Once i worked all that out, i found myself with a good breaking pitch :):slight_smile:

I grip my curve like 2 seam, but then fingers to gether bit tothe right seam.

learned that from cuban coach, damn that curve breaks really late ! and hard. I used to use 4 seam, started to break to early lol

I belive i heard that the average major league curve has 6 rotations. They used an HD camera to slow it down enough to count um

Just 6 rotations?

Doesnt a majore league fastball rotate about 10 times?

Well I dont know how many times my curveball rotates but all i know is that i can throw it letter high and have it end up just even with the knees.