Finally,A Start.A good start

We played 13 games this yea,i came in relief for 3 of them.

we are 4-9(horrible),and i am one of the best hitters on my team.(im 14 and i can hit homeruns at 325 fence)

I also throw fb change n curves.

I was throwing them to my coach for fun in practice(Droppin’ a lil’ hint ya’know? :D) and he decided to give me the start.

Note:This is babe ruth league,not a highschool league.

I went 5.1 innings,walked 2,gave up 4 hits,and struck out 6.

I finally got the start.

Do you think thats a good first start??

please not i only throw the following:
4 Seamer
2Seamer\Sinker(same movement,call it what you want)
Change up
12-6/10-4 curve depending on the grip.

4/6 k’s where on my change up,the other 1 was a fb and the other was a curve…

Was this relitevly good?

how many runs did you give up and did you keep your team in the game