Home field advantage can mean more than just a friendly crowd. If your grounds crew or field maintenance personnel has a commercial lawn mower, they can give your fielders an edge - and there’s nothing illegal about it… unless of course there are specific rules in place applicable to the subject of field maintenance.

Take a look at the picture below. Notice the height of grass at various areas in the infield and outfield. Also notice the direction of the way the grass is cut in the outfield. All of this is designed to give the ball a characteristic when on the ground.

The ideal situation for balls hit in the infield, is to have the ball with a certain amount of area coverage as it travels into the grass, either as a grounder with hop or no hop. Quick but manageable to either side of the pitcher’s mound, but slower yet manageable in front of the mound and just to either side of the mound.

In the outfield, if the grass is cut in different directions, this can assist the fielders immensely with playing the ball on the ground - in a direction that they can expect a larger percentage of the time.

By the way - before you think that this gives an unfair advantage to the home team … well it does sort of, BUT, the other team gets to play on the same field as your teams does … so.

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