Fielders not making very good plays in the field


So, at my varsity baseball game tonight, I started on the bump. I threw well and only gave up an earned run through 4 which was all on me, but in the 3rd inning I gave up 4 unearned runs which dissapointed me. I didn’t blame anything on the infield which pitchers should never ever do. But, I’m getting more frustrated having the opposing offense be given 3 or 4 extra outs in one inning. It destroys my confidence and puts my pitch count sky high. I know it’s just fall and I hope this isn’t a re occurring trend but any ideas on what to do as a pitcher about this? I clearly don’t want to strike everyone out but I kinda feel that way right now.


Mistakes made in the field behind you will cost you pitch count and W/L record but, ultimately, those mistakes are out of your control so you need to learn to not worry about them.


I have no idea what you are working with in terms of repitiore and you’re overall pitching abilities, but you can still succeed as a pitcher with a bad defense behind you. I don’t know what you are working with in terms of a defense either, but some of their failure could be due to the speed at which balls are being hit at them (once more, no idea about you scenario, simply guessing). Whatever route you are taking to get outs right now – be it via the groundball, the flyball, the strikeout, or any from of contact – orient it more toward the strikeout and WEAK contact. Until my final year of high school, I pitched to get any kind of out I didn’t care how I got it I just tried to get it. I changed that my senior year. My new approach was more contact oriented than yours probably should be (I had a very good high school defense in every position) but it was focused on WEAK contact. Any way you can set up a batter to make weak or bad contact you need to do so. The main thing here is MISS BARRELS. The farther away from the barrel the ball makes contact, the weaker the contact. This should help reduce hot shots, ridiculous hops, or other things that happen with hard contact. The biggest precaution to this is that you will field your own position more than you ever have before.

I hope this helps, good luck!


If you are working low in the zone and these balls in play causing all the trouble are hard grounders, you may try to work your out pitches at the top of the zone and get pop outs instead of ground outs. Not too many players in high school will go deep on you.


Coach Paul makes a great point there. In high school especially, grounders have a lower chance of being fielded well, but very rarely are the errors from fly balls. work on attacking above the zone where it’s hard for a hitter to lay off, plus ability to work up with the fastball sets you up nicely for a 2 strike breaking ball or change up away.


This happens to me in my fall league all the time, I feel you.

I find that I just try to say “whatever, not my fault”. I make myself as apathetic towards it as much as I can.

As others have suggested, try going up in the zone. I have started doing this in my fall league, and my strike out rate went sky high for some reason. I currently have 7 IP and I think 18 punch outs. Lots of kids will swing out of their shows at a fastball that starts up and in and breaks way in on them. Tunneling also works very well, as well as breaking balls that start at the belt and end up in the dirt.