Fielders glove

I’m looking for a fielders glove for my back up pos.(3B) I want a glove with a open webbing and no Velcro strap on the back

Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha Pro OP1150
I use it, its very good. The webbing gets a little loose after a hundred really hard throws or so, but you just pull on one string and its good. Very sturdy other than that, and cheap $70. Real leather.
Also our sophomore second baseman uses it.

I really like that glove I’m startin to safe up for it

He’s right LS makes nice gloves. Even though they are mostly known for their bats, they are stating to put out some nice gloves. If you have more money you could get this glove-
I just got it and I love it so far. I know money can be tight sometimes so you may not have enough for it but I know TPX gloves are nice so which ever you choose you’ll be happy with it. The $70 one might not last as long as the $200 one.

p.s. get some neatsfoot oil and put it on your glove when you get it, it is probably the best thing you can do for your glove. Remember, a little goes a long way.

nice glove but way over y price range more like $121 over my range but thank you anyway

this is my glove i love it i play third a little im mainly a catcher though