Fellow "Pitcher" Needing Advice

Hello All,

So I’ve been “Pitching” for about ten years now but the difference is that I pitch wiffleballs…fast plastic so to speak.

I’ve learned upwards of about ten different pitches over the years and have tweaked delivery on some, completely dropped others due to the terrible mechanics required to throw the pitch and in the case of my riser, left it alone.

The constant that has been consistent over the past three years is elbow pain. Last summer was my first season in an actual league (I live in Portland, they cater to it!) and by September the elbow was done.

Occasional sharp pains shoot down my forearm causing my hand to swell, I couldn’t get to a couple of my release points due to limited range of motion and numbness down the arm also occurs usually after pitching, not during.

I’ve had my “Doctor” look at it and they swear it’s just tendonitis. Many fellow pitchers in our league have similar issues but they just pop aspirin and play…can anybody give some insight into possible solutions? I’ve already begun my search for a good sports doc in the area.

The bulk of my pitches are thrown from 3/4 though two pitchers are thrown sidearm (which actually is more comfortable to throw).


Go onto the forums as ASMI and post up there. If you tell them where you live, they may be able to recommend a doctor in your area.