Just a simple question i believe is interesting!

what feeling of your arms when throwing? It may not be so easy to describe… personally ive been feeling more external rotation but i dont truly enjoy the feeling i had last year during long toss

When my arm action looks good on video, I feel like my upper body is whipping my arm through. When I notice that I throw all arm, I really feel my arm when I throw.

It almost feels like I lead with my upper body and then my arm follows. That seems to get my arm to a better position than just rearing back a trying to throwing it.

Your arm should feel loose, like a whip. That’s when you know you’re at your very best.

well theres alot of high arm speed throwers in low 80s mid 80s… or is it just that much faster comparing with naked eyes lol

Loose and free in the arm and strong in the legs and core.