it has been a longtime since i have posted on here, my son is now in college and still working on getting better.

He has been doing a lot of work with weighted balls following a program from Driveline Baseball.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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Sit back into glute and keep chin in line with back hip, knee, and ankle. Way too much forward tilt moving down the mound. Speeds everything up and looks like hes rushing. Need to keep weight back while moving down the mound. Good Luck keep working!


Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it.


We’ve watched this kid since he was what 7? You just have to give us better than nothing Munster come on😊! How’s he doing? How has his performances been, how is he conditioning??? You know…fill us in.
I like his simple mechs but is there any concerns? What is his coach bringing to him? Is he proposing any changes? What does he look like on the gun? Top/avg.?
It’s great to see him and you back here😎 You are the folks who make this a great site.


JD, how have you been?

Yes it has been since about the time he was 7 years old, 12 years go by fast.

He is pitching at a D3 school and majoring in Chemistry. He got one inning on the mound last year on the varsity team and pitched and played the OF on JV. They had 40 kids on the team last year and he missed making the spring trip to Florida. The team took 23 and coach told him he was 24th. So maybe this year i will get a spring vacation to watch some baseball.

He has really turned in to a gym rat the last two years, is 5’10 and 185lbs now. He has been following Kyle Boddy’s Hacking the Kinetic Chain workout from his book and the throwing program. I am not 100% sure on the gun but i would say around 80 which in his D3 conference is pretty average. You don’t have throw 90 to play college but it helps.

No arm issues, all healthy. I guess concerns would be his consistency which i feel comes for repeatable mechanics. When he is off he does what i call spikes the ball into the ground.

Very proud of him for sticking with the game and working hard, he has learned a lot that will help in the future. He just wants to really enjoy the last couple years he has to play.

Good news for me is that i have several years of this left, my triplets are 11 and playing Jr. High Baseball and Softball.

I am really enjoying softball, more than i thought i would. I have one daughter that is pitching and one that is catching on the 6th grade team after only playing this summer. They have been fun to watch as they have improved.

The other part of the trio, my other son is not pitching at the moment. He has not shown interest in it so far, he would rather hit.


I’m doing well thanks. I want you and he to keep in mind you are actively trying to gain strength while apparently not getting a ton of game play. The victim in that sort of situation is consistency… Repeatable mechs equals consistent ability to repeat. As you lift/condition, working repeatability drills might be of assistance. Hopefully he’ll find a way to get more game reps. It will also help develop velocity.


Hi Munster! Welcome back! Happy to hear your boy is playing college ball.

Unfortunately, I can’t watch your videos at the moment as my laptop died and my old iPhone 4 has an obsolete YouTube app.



Good to hear from you. I am interested in hearing what you have to say he needs to work on when you get time. I am still not a big fan of his posture but his coaches really do not say much about it to him.