Feedback on Flat Ground Workout

GAsbury32, I don’t really know what you want, are you looking for analysis of you video? Maybe give us a little about you too, height, weight, age etc.


Just comments on the purpose of flat work; pros and cons, what an player is suppose to get out of it, etc.

Ht: 5’11"
Wt: 170
Class: Sr
Age: 22
FB: 91-96


Ok, I’m not a real fan of flat ground work unless I am warming up, long tossing etc. If I am going to throw a bullpen, then I want to do it off a mound, propper distance, with using at least 75% power. I think that using the proper angle and the ability to get flat from a height of 8-10 inches (I know that I pitched from a mound that was at least 15-16 inches last summer) is important. When I pitch from flat ground it feels easier to get flat and I can really get lazy throwing like that, it seems like the higher the mound, the harder I have to work to pull the ball and my body down. This is my feelings but I am sure there will be some other comments that will deal with the positives of it.

Some view flat ground work as less stressful than throwing from a mound. This makes it useful in a preseason throwing program for transitioning from general “throwing” to full mound work.


Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it. For me, flat ground serves the opposite of what throwing off a mound does for you. I feel going from flat to the mound, transitions a greater stride length and more explosive delivery off the mound in game play. Like you said, every ballplayer is different.


Appreciate the feedback. I usually do it between starts or in the offseason mainly.


I did very little work on flat ground—only when I was learning a new pitch, or when a regular playing field was not available at the time. Most of the time I would throw off the mound, which in my day was fifteen inches high, and I found that I had better control and command when I did this. 8)

ya zita of course because youre on a downhill plane… some people just feel comfortable throwing from flatground to the mound and feel the difference… my opinion is i assume the stresses on the arm are reduced because there is no extra momentum or force placed on the arm due to throwing off a mound

You should try for a mound because your release point will be different witch will throw offnyour timing when younare on the mound. If you have to do flat work you should only pitch from about 45 ft at 50 or 75 percent this will give you about the same release point as on a 6 or 10 inch mound