Feedback on bullpen please


Hi Steven,
Here is a video for your feedback:



Looks very good. I suspect he’s throwing pretty hard?

The leg kick from the stretch is a little high and a little too slow/deliberate – especially with that brief pause at the top. I’d like to see more of a modified and aggressive slide step back, bringing the front knee just above past the back knee to load the weight on the back foot before expanding even more explosively sideways toward home.


From a delivery stand point, as Steven said, he could shave some time to the plate by modifying his leg kick. Also, I’ve found that speeding up the kick and stride can also increase the arm speed. Which most people believe to be a desirable effect.
How does he locate? Now, I’m not saying he’s slow to the plate, but often if the bottom half is slower in tempo from the upper half, the pitcher can tend to miss low and away when he does miss, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless you have difficulty spotting down and in. Also, as Steven commented, maximizing explosiveness of the stride and in a linear direction toward home can add velocity up the chain later on and makes that down and in pitch easier to locate.
If I were to continue to pick at nits, I would like to see the glove a bit higher through trunk rotation and follow through, it does seem to droop a bit.
All in all, you have a well put together delivery with good intent.


Really appreciate the feedback Steven and Coach Paul. His velocity has steadily increased year by year. As to locating his fastball, he has really improved on that since 2 seasons ago. It seems like he is starting to put it all together more and more. We will work in incorporating your input.